That’s how it started …

For many, many years, a family had been looking for something meaningful and common to devote their lives to. Time was running out and the dream was getting farther away.

But suddenly one day it happened, the family formally stumbled into the old half-asleep Hotel Prinsen, it was a cuddly, dusty, but cheerful gentleman they stood eye to eye with.

The name Prince Carl Bernadotte, one could read in the ragged military collar, by his side stood his faithful servant, Higgins, a shepherd with 3 mils, always just as thirsty.

So here you are now honored guests, it was 4 months since the family, Prince and Higgins moved in, the family is now doing everything to bring the old boys to life. Higgins has taken the matter into his own hands, this summer he has watered all thirsty dog ​​lovers who have passed by, he has been patted and acted model, in a flip flop he has become the most photographed jerk in southern Skåne. The prince himself is both bigger, heavier and more aware, so dear guests we ask you to have oversight with this old gentleman, we are beginning major renovations of the prince of 2 ve, until his work
We do everything we can to give you a fine and memorable experience with the old big-hearted Prince and his family.

The prince loves tomatoes and has a sprig of tomato engraved in the old gold ring that is currently undergoing renovation at the goldsmith. The prince tomato is a symbol of love, joy and desire. So with this precious vegetable in the hotel we are now spreading these qualities and wishing you wonderful days.